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This directory is offered to you on condition that the Terms and Conditions of Use presented here are accepted.
The use of this directory represents your agreement with all terms, conditions and notifications, which may change over time.
If eventually, you do not agree with the terms and conditions of this service, do not use this site anymore.

All content on this site is copyrighted or reserved. For this reason, it is expressly prohibited to use any content on this site without prior authorization from its author or owner.

Gamblers Place Online respects the intellectual property rights of others and requires those who visit the site and use our services to do the same. In appropriate circumstances and at our discretion, we may remove or disable access to material inserted on the website or services that violate the copyrights of third parties. At any time, any User/Client who sees their copyright or intellectual rights hurt, can contact us and we will proceed according to the laws in force for the immediate resolution of the case and arrange for the removal of unauthorized content.

Gamblers Place Online allows its users to comment on other Clients/Advertisers' ads. In this sense, the User/Client, by accepting these terms and conditions, authorizes the publication of his comments on the pages of this website and the sharing of those same comments on social networks. The User/Client understands and accepts that when using offensive, bad language or inappropriate words, his comment will be removed and his access may be blocked. Gamblers Place Online reserves the right to publish or not any type of comment from any User/Client.


Gamblers Place Online, features services, advertisements and content that are not intended for people under 18 years of age. Our directory consists of links to other sites and content that are inserted by our Clients/Advertisers/Users and we have no control over those links and content. Therefore, we are not responsible for any content, advertising, product, service or other materials present or available in this directory that are from other sites or inserted by our Clients/Advertisers/Users.

Whenever a link or content is inserted or changed by a User/Client, we are notified and as far as possible, we review the content inserted. Therefore, any content entered here by a User/Client, may be deleted by us without prior notice and without the right to refund payments. This will happen whenever one of our reviewers judges that the inserted content is harmful, offensive, malicious, inappropriate or that promote fraud or some kind of copyright infringement or that is discriminatory in any way.

It is strictly forbidden for Users/Clients to insert links to websites or publish content that has a pornographic, offensive, harmful or malicious nature. The use of aggressive words or bad language, caused the immediate banishment of the user without warnings or warnings. Likewise, we veto content that makes apologies to political parties, that instigates conflicts, that promotes racism or incites disorder in any sense or direction. Content that denigrates the image or discriminates against anyone or for any reason is not allowed. Failure to comply with these rules causes the immediate removal of the content and the blocking of the User/Client access, even if it is a paid or sponsored advertisement.

Even if a user has a paid service, at any time we can cancel their access and remove all their content if it violates any of these principles, and it is not possible to return any amount that may have been paid to us. If a user violates any of the rules contained in this term, the withdrawal of its contents will be made without prior notice, the user will be banned without refunds for any amount that has already been paid.


Gamblers Place Online reserves the right at any time to modify, suspend, discontinue or terminate the services (or any part of them) with or without notice. The User/Client is therefore aware and agrees that Gamblers Place Online will not be liable to the User/Client or third parties for any modification, suspension, interruption or termination of the services presented here. You are also aware that if for any reason of force majeure we decide to terminate or modify the services presented here, Users/Clients will not be entitled to claim refunds or indemnities on amounts paid or contracted.


By using this website and its services, the User/Client understands and agrees that:
- The website and services are provided for informational purposes only. No content on our website is intended to constitute professional, financial, legal or otherwise advice. Gamblers Place Online is not responsible for any consequences directly or indirectly related to any action that the User/Client takes or does not do or is based on the information and or services published on this website.
- The use of the website and its services is at the risk and expense of those who do. The website and services are provided "as is" and "as available". Gamblers Place Online, expressly disclaims all warranties of any kind, express or implied, including, but not limited to, the implied warranties in these terms and conditions.
- Gamblers Place Online, makes no representation or warranty that the site or services will meet your expectations, or that they will not be interrupted, safe, current or error-free, or that the results that can be obtained from using the site and services will be accurate, timely, useful or reliable.
- Any material obtained by a user through the use of this website or its services is obtained at its own discretion and risk and the User/Client will be solely responsible for any damage to its equipment or operating systems or loss of data resulting from downloading or use of any third party software or material that is available here or made through an invitation promoted in any way by User/Client.


At any time, the User/Client may cancel his subscription to our newsletter or provision of services. Likewise, the User/Client can, at any time, cancel its registration on this platform. There is no need to ask us to cancel your account. Gamblers Place Online, has tools where the User/Client can do it. If you have any questions, we have support to meet these and other requests.

The cancellation of the use of our services by the User/Client does not give him the right to request refunds or reimbursement of amounts previously paid. After canceling your account or registration, no amount will be due and no amount will be refunded. All your data, entries, posts and comments, as well as payment information will be immediately deleted from the platform and this process is irreversible.


Gamblers Place Online offers customers the possibility to publish links to their websites, products and services or to others in a paid form, and reserves the right to interrupt or change this behavior at any time, without prior notice. The customer is aware that at any time a free service may be paid. The free service or from promotions do not bring all the advantages and do not provide all the resources we offer. A link can be removed from our database at any time, without justification or prior notice. Failure to comply with the terms and conditions of this website will cause the immediate removal of any link or content inserted in Gamblers Place Online ,. The customer will be able to register as many posts always referring to a single domain, however he wants to insert more than one domain or brand, he must acquire spaces referring to each domain or brand. There is no need to have more than one record. A single record allows the customer to manage all their inserts and posts.

We may at any time interrupt, change, reformulate, add or remove features or benefits from our platform, without prior notice. If a paid service is discontinued or interrupted, the user agrees that he will have nothing to owe and that he will not be reimbursed for any amount he may have already paid. In order to have access to more resources and to be able to obtain a paid service, in addition to the annual fee charged, the user must be registered and fully comply with the terms and conditions in force on this site.

The amount charged for a service said to be paid is a one-time fee that is renewable annually. The insertion of Companies, Products or Services will only be available after payment of this annual fee. With the payment made, the customer may enter only: 1 (one) company, or 1 (one) brand referring to 1 (one) domain. The posts are unlimited. If the customer wants to insert more than one company or domain, product or service, he must purchase the necessary spaces for this or purchase a promotional package stipulated by us for this purpose and that best suits his needs. All ads will be active for a maximum period of 1 (one) year and can be removed by the customer at any time or renewed with a new payment.

No other amount must be paid to Gamblers Place Online, other than this annual fee. We will not be charged additional fees or commissions or even percentages for sales made through our directory. You will not be charged additional fees for clicks, views or impressions. There is no other entity accredited or authorized by us to charge on our behalf. Gamblers Place Online does not charge or generate extra charges for its customers.

Any type of plan purchased by a customer must clearly understand and without doubt what the benefits are and what to expect when purchasing a paid or free service.

The amount paid by the customer to Gamblers Place Online, has a duration of 1 (one) year, except for any promotions that may have a shorter or longer period. At the end of the period, the customer will be able to renew this service provision if he so wishes and will be able to take advantage of special discounts for this purpose. Failure to renew will cause a customer's inserts as well as their posts to stop appearing in the directory, access to the control panel will be restricted and communications between Visitors/Users will no longer be delivered. 30 days after non-renewal, all data and insertions for a customer will be permanently deleted.


Gamblers Place Online reserves the right not to accept one or more publications made by a User/Client, whether paid or free. We also reserve the right to withdraw or block any type of publication as well as restrict the access of the User/Client who does not comply with the rules presented here or who may behave inappropriately, ethically or morally, even if not contained in the terms and conditions presented here.

Attempts to circumvent this site, its rules or the Visitors/Users/Clients of this site, will cause the immediate suspension of the User/Client and if so, we will forward your personal data to the competent and legal entities, so that appropriate and compatible measures are taken. to the event or case.


This contract will be governed and interpreted in accordance with the laws of the Federative Republic of Brazil or the country of origin of the cause determined by us, without reference to the doctrine that allows the choice of venue by the User/Client. The User/Client hereby consents to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the District Court of Campo Grande, State of Mato Grosso do Sul, in relation to the beginning, continuation or continuation of any claim. All rights not expressly stated in this material are also reserved.

Gamblers Place Online may change these terms and conditions as well as the Privacy Policy or Payments or Rules for promotions at any time, without prior notice.

Privacy policy.
Payments policy.
Promotions policy.

If you have any questions, suggestions, complaints or complaints please contact us using the form: CONTACT US.


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