Promotion for new users

receive 1 full license of the Spinataque system.

Register at Gamblresplace.online and win a full version of the Spinataque software.

Spinataque is the software most used by roulette players who base their bets on the indications of this system. Spinataque indicates the moves most likely to be played on a roulette wheel. See more details of this software on the official website: SPINATAQUE.COM

This promotion is only valid for new users. The spinataque license that is provided is full and is valid for one year.

This promotion is subject to rules and the number of licenses we have available is limited.


To receive your full Spinataque license completely free, you must comply with the following rules:

1) Be registered on our website through the link: REGISTER.
2) Fill out your profile.
3) Accumulate 100 by giving Likes or making Comments on products and posts inserted by our advertisers.


To collect points is simple. After being registered:

1) Login to our website;
2) Being logged in, Comment or Like for the posts or products advertised here;
3) Each Like you give to a post or product, you will receive 4 points;
4) For every Comment you make on a post or product, you will receive 10 points.

But remember, for you to accumulate points you must be Registered and Logged on the website.

You can only give a Like for each post or product, the system does not add repeated Likes. In the same way as comments, you can make as many comments as you want about the same post or product, but only the first one will be computed. To collect points you need to like or comment on different products or posts.

As soon as you reach 100 points, the system automatically releases instructions for you to download your free Spinataque Full Version. You will be able to follow its evolution through the Control Panel.

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If you have any questions, suggestions, complaints or complaints please contact us using the form: CONTACT US.


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