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First of all it is important to be aware that our website uses only cookies to facilitate your navigation. We store on your device some cookies that only refer to the identification of the page you are visiting, date, time and some other information that does not concern your privacy.

If you still do not agree with this, immediately leave this site.

It is extremely important to make it clear to the users, customers or advertisers of this website that we do not practice the use of mass marketing strategies such as mass emailing, telemarketing, information collection or any other means of mass dissemination of information. publicity. Our goal with this site is just to provide advertisers with a way to advertise their products, brands and services to our users. The subject discussed here is exclusively that of gambling, credit portfolios, currency brokers, affiliate programs and other sectors related to online betting of any nature. Any other matter that diverges or does not have any type of relationship with those presented here, will not be accepted by us.

The data we request for registration on our website, is kept in a secure database and although if we follow all the safety rules, errors or failures may occur.

It is expressly stated that we will use your data for the purposes of marketing actions and may eventually receive offers and promotions from our advertisers. Once again we ask that if you do not accept this condition, do not register on our website.

Gamblers Place Online does not contact its users / customers, nor does it ask them to confirm personal data, payments or any other nature that may be considered personal.

In this regard, we strongly advise that for your own security and privacy, when registering on our site, never provide your real name or normal email address. We recommend that you create a specific email address for this purpose and so that we can maintain some kind of contact. Never reveal your address, age, gender, tax numbers, identification numbers, photos or any other sensitive information of a personal nature or that you consider to be confidential.

The data we ask for in our forms is basically:
Name. (which need not be the real one);
Email address. (preferably an alternative email);
Login and Password. (to access the control panel);
Country that resides. (for language only).

This data is only used so that you can enter the Control Panel and get more benefits from the platform.

If you are a Client/Advertiser, contact details such as Telephone and or Skype will be requested. In this case, we strongly recommend that you only use your business contacts so that other users can contact you and deal with strictly commercial matters.

As for Clients/Advertisers, the information inherent to your product or brand will be requested by us exclusively through forms contained on our website and in no other way.

We use Google Analytics Plugs, Recaptcha and Webtoos for this reason, it may be that other cookies are stored on your equipment and there may be other purposes that for us it was impossible to ascertain the extent and intention of these cookies. So, we reinforce the request here so that if you do not agree to take these risks, immediately navigate to another site.

Gamblers Place Online does not sell your information or make your data available to anyone, except for the clear purpose of marketing.

Any User/Client can cancel their account at any time, without prior notice or any justification. By doing this, all your data will be immediately deleted permanently from our database. Posts, products, brands, personal data, transactions, comments ... everything will be eliminated and this is an irreversible process.

If for any reason, any User/Client wishes to report another User/Client, just let us know the fact that we will be within our reach, take the necessary measures and proceed as appropriate.

We ask for extra care when a User/Client makes a post, comment or publication and we come back here to ask you never to divulge your real, personal data of any nature. We believe that you are also responsible for your actions and if you do, you assume the full consequence of that. We do not control this type of action and it is not up to us to protect it from itself.

Gamblers Place Online does not use geo-locators, nor does it use cookies to control or identify what you see, read or visit on our website. It is not our goal to collect or maintain this type of information so that it can be marketed or passed on to marketing companies in some way.

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